Mittwoch, 20. September 2017


by Julia Muegge

- Further questions and answers will follow -

Q1: What is the purpose of the activationstones?

A1: These stones are a mystery. Honestly spoken they seemed to be made of (a special?) glass (?!), but their effects are described nearly by all who have used or are using them!

Basically Activation Stones are demanded to become activated by their owners after having understood the entanglement of the human existence with a holographic multidimensional Multiverse and the role and responsibilities for the human being that emerge from that. Is a change then in self-awareness and behaviour following the stones activation is achieved and becomes a hub within a worldwide network of spiritual elite lightworkers for the raising of consciousness for the long awaited paradigm-shift.
The stones are a physical representative of that endeavour of planetary and in the end cosmological proportion and strengthens it with its physical presence.

Practically they can be used also, because at least some of them induce a steady energy exchange with the etheric. When they are given to Healers for example, their patients, it is regularly reported, react unexplicably strikingly strongly and seem to be uniquely affected when treated with the stones, having no knowledge at all what they are or where they come from!
When in séances they become uploaded a strong blue light emerges around them. Afterwards it was witnessed how they were vibrating in a manner, that was absolutely unbelievable. People couldn't hold their hands still holding them. My husband and I were totally astonished experiencing that ourselves, when we were made aware by sitters after the séance who called us to feel it ...!
The stone mysteriously vibrated so strong that nobody of us could hold our hands still!

For the spirits the mystery-objects, that materialize in different ways, mostly in lighted conditions in front of everybodies eyes, and then overgiven to the sitters have even more meaning: plain and simple they preserve the spirits message and represent and transfer it into the physical world.
They become a physically existent reminder for the spirits philosophy.

Q2: When you fall into your first deep trance in the black cabinet, was it easy for you to let go and let you pull into this state? How are you feeling to be pulled into this state? I'm asking in view of feeling sickness.
A2: The deep trance process has to be learned in clearly defined different stages to eventually achieve a sleeping state of the medium, in which the spirits are speaking totally unaware by him.
Those are a. letting the subconsciousness specifically activate a matching spirit personality at best under the help of a hypnotic state b. learn to entrance and connect systemically with the activated spirit guide and build it up in the following stages of work with it c. train in the secure environment of the home circle to detach from doubts like 'who is speaking, how much am I involved'. In our workshops we give everybody a successful methods at hand to achieve that! In the end d. you learn to detach fully from the conscious speech process and actually sleep away.

Experience with hundreds of clients who learned the trance state we have learned that the most unawaited and strange sensations and feelings can accompany the trance-training and its stages.
Some of these sensations can feel a little bit sick but the more often it is repeated the sooner this will go away!

Another form of sickness can occur with the process of setting the spirits consciousness matrix onto the mediums organism. A lot of irritation for the body is then taking place, but should disappear also after regular training.

If not, maybe it should be humbly asked for another representative from the spirit worlds with a better match so to speak. Usually such an exchange for the better of the medium is not uncommon!

Q3: Do you need to have the same people every week to start a spirit circle?
A3: Yes, you should, homogeneity can be a factor.

Q4: Why are psychologically ill persons not allowed to attend your Séance?
A4: Because specifically psychologically ill persons are predestined to attract sometimes lower spirits that may attach and cause problems in the future or worsen the condition the participant was already in! 

Q5: When spirit brings through objects through an apport, where is spirit getting the objects? Are they taking things from people? 

 A5: Spirits materialize objects from different places, preferably objects that have gone lost
in so far, that nobody remembers them anymore because everybody is dead who knew about. They say, if there is nobody on earth having a memory of a certain object anymore, it literally disappears from our reality-plane and they 'skim it off' and present it as so called Apports!
Pure Materializations differ from so called Apports in so far, that they were created solely from an etheric blueprint!

Q6: You can feel that you are part of an extraordinary and holy situation. But most interestingly on the next day in the morning I had feel of a hangover. I was tired and dizzy as if I had drunk the night before...
A6: Keep on practicing and that condition will be overcome.

Q7: I have heard that the mediumistic process in regards to 'physical' trigger a hunger for red meat in the mediums. I wonder if B12 and iron supplements could be taken instead of red meat? You can't get B12 from vegetable sources. Perhaps those nutrients are needed.
A7: Interestingly PM have always reported a special appetite for red meat. What you say might be true and is a reasonable suggestion.

Q8: If a member of a physical circle (not in a state of trance) during a sitting becomes overwhelmed with emotion and starts crying and shaking etc - is this classified as physical mediumship?
A8: No, these are physiological side-effects of probably spontaneous forms of trance-states the sitter is not used to and accordingly overreacting.

Q9: Speak about your nutritional needs regarding the Séances.
A9: Water, a lot of water.

Q10: You used my chair a couple of years ago. After I brought it home had some orbs in my apartment. A couple of weeks later I had a white transparent hand appear in my bookcase, that seems to wave once. Would there be residual energy that remained to do this?
A10: Usualy residual energies that may exist don´t linger very long. But we can’t exclude a connection here fully.

Q11: How long does it take to develop ectoplasm?
A11: It depends on the capabilities your spirit-team solely. We believe, that ectoplasm can only be produced through the faculty of participating spirits!

Q12: What is your best advice to a novice circle?
A12: We have a whole module in our workshops in which we are talking about the necessities and the trap falls for novice groups. This is a complex topic and a lot of issues can´t not be answered in a few sentences here. But a good harmonious and informed group that is used to psycho-techniques and is knowledgeable in PM generally can always be recommended.

Q13: When you fall into your first deep trance in the black cabinet, was it easy for you to let go and let you pull into this state? How are you feeling to be pulled into this state? I'm asking in view of feeling sickness.
A13: The novice experiences a number of individual and sometimes unawaited and strange sensations when going for the first time through these states. With the time one gets used to it and implements them, if they should occur further.

Q14: What about people who sit alone?
A14: PM is traditionally also in non western rituals always a group related ceremony.

Q15: Does atmospheric conditions influence your work?
A15: To a certain degree – yes. They can enhance or diminish.

Q16: Are cats or dogs helpful in your circles?
A16: Not necessarily but we have sat with dogs before.

Q17: Can you ever sit too much with spirit?
A17: Yes, you can. Do not exaggerate your training or activities.

Q18: Why might people have or attract spirit attachments?
A18: Because of a very individual and special condition in their lifes.

Q19: Will it be good to use the Stones during our circle work?
A19: Yes 

Q20: You spoke briefly about blood group Rh Neg, my question is spirit coming through the medium after many years can the DNA of the medium actually change from the reading I have done seems to be the case?
A20: We don’t know of such connections.

Q21: Do you have suggestions for our group working without anyone in trance?
A21: Group mediumship is known to work properly. Usually from groupwork mediums do develop. We give whole workshop modules to avoid many traps and disappointments. And we show what makes the most sense and will be succesful in the end. Shortly I can say here a. do not only concentrate on phenomena and b. make as many offers as possible to the spirit world to link in.
Think about to learn to exercise trance because trance is one of THE keys for spirit contact!

Q22: How is it about an overwhelming feeling of sexual energy before a Séance. The 
day of a Séance I get an unnormal need to eat sugar... and I feel an overwhelming sexual feeling... is it common?
A22: Usually sexual energies are swallowed up by the energy output of the séance. Maybe your body does provide them specifically to build them into séanceroom-energies so to speak. Because they are powerful!

Q23: Why is darkness needed in Séance rooms, i witness full levitation and fantastic 
musical rappings in the Séance i sit in in lit conditions, is it just down to the mediums physical make up?
A23: Then you are a huge exception. I observe such claims for 30 years and they were usually false. The connection between the field of occult phenomena and darkness is ancient and is expressed even in the word itself. Correctly translated it says: 'that what comes from darkness'.
That children does feel insecure and afraid in the dark is also expression of this connection.
Today we believe that the known 'elusivity' of Physical Phenomena must be given an environment in which this elusivity can be upheld and darkness as experimental background does provide such an environment from which with the time things can be developed into more lighted conditions.

Maybe in this darkness connection darkness itself is not the main factor but disabling the perception , because we know from Quantum Physics that perception does knowingly interfere with
the outer world! It is about to avoid the 'observer effect', we know from quantum mechanics!
Perception destroys the paranormal field and that is why it is avoiding perception!
With the time this behaviour can be domesticised and the phenomena start to occur in more and more better light. We show the most spectacular processes in the meantime in good red light after years of training.

Q24: Can you show the full title on the book about Helen Duncan?
A24: Hellish Nell (Most probably the most complete and most honest book about her carreer)

Q25: How do you personally get into a trance state?
A25: Entrance myself; connect with the chosen spirit control; overgive innerly my bioform resp. retreat from my organism into a meditative chamber; complete the separation process with the help of a hypnotic order and holotropic breathwork.

Q26: Is photoplasm is just as good as raw ectoplasm?
A26: The term photoplasm is in regards to its ability to describe something properly as worthless as the term ectoplasm because they both describe as placeholders something we haven´t understood yet. Ectoplasm is definitely something like a new form of physicality, a kind of psycho-physical matter emerging from the melting process of two different dimensional realms. Both are probably the same.

Q27: How can we integrate the center-stone in our circle work?
A27: The center stone represents, with a kind of residential energy pattern within, the grade of intersocial attraction of spiritual activities of individuals, groups or locations. It appreciates your or your  group-activities as an interest magnet for spiritual seekers. In so far you should give him a good place, from time to time mention it in your openings and/or implement it as meditative or visualisations-anchor, that emanates an energy pattern that centers and grounds all your activities.

Q28: Before you became a physical medium - did you sit for trance speaking or 
A28: Yes, many years – since 1983.

Q29: Finding it hard to return from deep trance...any advice on how to return easily. This seems to follow me during the next day...a feeling of imbalance. 
A29: Drinking a lot of water and simply keep on doing it will make it go away. We all have experienced that for quite some time, but it will leave.

Q30: Have you experienced apportation when not in a Séance situation? Spontaneously, so to speak.
A30: Yes a lot of times. Sometimes it also happens to closest family-members who experience own episodes then. Also during workshops or many other daily situations.

Q31: Did you produce photoplasm for a long time before producing ectoplasm?
A31: There is no difference for us between photo and ectoplasm. Same thing …

Q32: Can we use the stones in our circelworking if, how do we use them best?
A32: Many have very successfully implemented the stones in their healing work.

Q33: Do you think your health suffers Kai with the amount of ectoplasm?
A33: Not necessarily with the amount, but knowingly the strain and pressures of undergoing the working principles of PM cost, like maybe a very stressy job would harm the organism.

Q34: Do you still use holotropic breathing as your method of choice for going into trance?
A34: Yes. Always for cabinet-sessions.

Q35: Have you ever had a sample of ectoplasm taken for chemical/scientific analysis?
A35: Historically it has been done multiple times but the chemical build (different cell forms of the human body) does not reveal its obvious abilities in mirroring spiritual or informational content, present in the séance-room. In regards to our work, maybe in the future, somebody likes to finance such an attempt.

Freitag, 25. August 2017


A couple of weeks ago a séance for foreign european guests was being held in Hanau by the Felix Circles Control Spirits. Due to the fact the group was new, an independent controller was chosen from them and a control, exceptionally rigid, was executed, in so far, that the medium was throughout every darkness phenomenon secured, held and confirmed sitting motionless in its chair. Julia was frequently taken into the control also, when phenomena were particulary strong and distant.
Besides the common teachings of the speech control-spirit and a lot of interesting but previously reported phenomena, two events stuck out: Inmidst of a red light speech of the deep trance control spirit 'Hans', mediums mouth suddenly filled up and 57 stones were produced from heads orifices, among them approx. something between six and nine from the eye-sockets and three or four from ears and nose.
Inmidst of talking to the sitters in red light conditions suddenly mediums mouth filled up and from mouth and eyes and ears and nose 57 semi-gemstones were falling
 Moreover worth to mention was the number of indentifyable spirit personalities showing up in ectoplasmic mass. Produced in red light it was taken manually from the floor after showing first signs of autonomous movement and formation abilities. Put onto the mediums chest it took not long until its density changed from very fine into more crude by somehow 'contracting'. Eventually a main mass remained and was covering parts of the head and nearly the whole chest of the medium sitting in open cabinet in red light. From that main mass several like thin prolongings reached down towards the lower body section of the medium.
After a signal appeared people were allowed to stand up in a row and approached the cabinet witnessing the appearance of three A.F.C. related personalities as it was announced earlier in the séance due to specific connections some of the sitters had to Stansted Hall. Moreover two relatives were also unquestionably being identified. The identifications were immediate and concerning the A.F.C. spirit personalities rightout outspoken and confirmed by others already at the cabinet inmidst of the visual evaluation with the additional help of a torchlight.
During the close-up observation the medium had its eyes open but totally rolled upwards and its body was rhythmically convulsing.
Immediately after the séance the group came together and drew a rough sketch listing the names and showing the positions of the heads and torsos embedded within the crude mass:
- Arthur Findlay lower left position
- Maurice Barbanell lower right position
- Glyn Edwards center position
- Grandfather female sitter A upper left position
- Father female sitter B upper right position

Rough Sketch depicting the positions of the identified faces within the main mass on the mediums head and chest

The sitter who did the medium control wrote afterwards:
I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great seance you have been given. It was great to be in the midst of the power of the spirit and the energy of many of Kai’s team who worked so hard to give us the phenomena, the address and the intelligence of great proof of higher life and as a result of the power, the power of healing, to witness trumpet phenomena, spirit kids walking and tapping and touching, spirit lights, and the production of ectoplasm and apports of little crystals. (...)
Kai is one of the most rare mediums on this planet to produce these events with his team, to express the intelligence of the higher realms in his own unique way. I am grateful to have witnessed the producing of ectoplasm, (...) in which a etheric astral hand was alive and waving at us, just before 5 faces of spirit people showed themselves on kai’s chest over the ectoplasm reproduced over his body. In red light I could recognize the face of Maurice Barbanell, Arthur Findlay and Glyn Edwards and 2 other men who were recognized as grandfather and father of one of the sitters. I like to thank spirit for this amazing evidence of higher life in which i found strength for my own development in reminding me what sitting in the power can lead to. (...)

Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017


For six years I am privileged to observe from close range what occurs around a today 48 years old German medium. I observe it in every public séance, I observe it when we are alone, in hotel rooms, cable- or motor-cars or simply at home. I saw objects materialize in daylight. Appearing in front of me and then falling from mid air to the floor. Or 550 gram-artifacts appearing from massive light bursts in front of Kais chest. I saw the Ouija board writing extremely profound messages with only Kais hand on the planchette and his head resting, turned away from the board, sleeping. Under his both hands layed upon, a 70 kilo table made from glass and metal made huge jumps through my living room. I saw the trumpet fly in red light and photographed it. It was me recognizing eventually that this man couldn't regulate his mediumistic outputs, had no ability to influence his mediumship, was helpless against his natural destiny, chased by his own energies and spirits, and was in the following developing what we all had wished so strongly for: 
Full Materializations. 
By the way, I am married to this man.

Now the voices say: as long as these are no fully controlled sittings, they are worthless and have no value! Really? I would like to intensively disagree. For two years Fully Materialised Phantoms appear in a variety of conditions and circumstances in front of altogether maybe 100 people, who describe the experience as mystifying, deep and profound and who have made most exquisite observations. They all would have been disabled to witness or experience anything, they would not have been there, if that had been any scientific setting. They would have all been excluded for the benefit of a few scientific jurors, whose biases would be verdict eventually. 
No, thank you! 

When the first self-illuminated spirit girl stood in front of us, the present sitters weren't really prepared at all for that. It took days to sort out our all observations. Were her eyes brighter shining than the figure itself or laying deeply black within the shiny apparition? Such questions! But then it started to happen more frequently. And we learned that until today there are different ways existent for these entities to appear!


Her eyes were a malmstrom that had a hypnotic attraction and effect on me. Sitter of April 2015
The most earliest occurrence we can call Full Materialization happened for a small group of Private Guests and additional Felix Circle Sitters in 2015. Actually in séances before like mainly in Switzerland at the Basle PSI Association we had very slim shiny apparitions before. They were also  exiting the cabinet in darkness and approached sitters. But these were more like columns of light. They were moving through the room but had no facial features for example. 
In April 2015 guests had made contact with their deceased daughter 'Emely' in Hanau and over the weekend she again and again responded via knocks and responsive tiny spirit lights flying around.
The shiny material we saw and the entity building from it is well depicted in the following video

I have never seen something stranger than this. It was a total darkened séance room, and it looked as if a texture around the fully animated entity would be glowing. This texture was her skin, hairs, but also her dress. Her eyes were the brightest part. They were extremely shiny and had an hypnotical effect on all present.

At first I thought it was an earthquake. Lucius Werthmueller, President Basle PSI Association.
Several times spirit materializations in Basle, Switzerland, at the BPV, were stepping in red light in front of the cabinet. Everytime a strange rumble-like tremble or vibrations were running over the floor and walls. At least once they were so drastic that sitters started to feel nauseated by it, or felt sick in the stomach, because the vibration ran also through their bodies. At that instance it was actually considered that an earthquake was hitting Basle, before the spirit control claimed, they would 'condense matter' within the 'atmosphere' and that it was them who were causing this unearthly shaking.

In the following I talk about the most recent materialization and quote sitters who had written to us afterwards. As it was announced by the spirits their Materializations would uncloak from time to time, resp. with the time. Moreover this time the spirit team announced that they - like with the faces embedded in ectoplasmic mass - would 'let through' deceased relatives of present sitters for materialization in the séance room. With some quotes from that evening I try to give the personal experience of the sitters a form of expression:
'Suddenly this strange rumbling started, letting floor and the walls behind me tremble, before the woman in white stood in the cabinet entrance.'
'The whole room was shaking!' 
'Not so drastic, like the first time, I experienced it, but I felt, it was the same deep trembling rumbling through the walls and floor!' 
'Everybody was clearly sensing the shakings and some stopped their singing and asked what was going on!'
'But then suddenly the red lights went on, and there she was!' 
'I will never forget the 22nd of June 2017, decades I was longing for one last visible encounter with my deceased mother, and then this white apparition with black hairs looked directly at me, and in my heart i had that overwhelming indescribable feeling. For years I was longing for that! I still have trembling knees! I am so thankful for the materialisation and want to thank all involved parties!' 'The evening was so ingenious, a big thank you to the spirit team!' 
'It was overwhelming!'

Images: Experimental Spirit Apparition/Materialization, the 22nd of June 2017, under séance conditions, at the Basle PSI association in front of around two dozens mediums and friends of the circle, of an identified female, the mother of one sitter in the room. Spirit control this time only exposes upper head, forehead and eyes, communicating with several sitters. Three times the apparition presented itself in red light before she disappeared into darkness after the last red light phase...!
 The materialized spirit was clearly identified thus. This was a major step forward in that regard. Actually there were three persons who said it was a relative, but only one felt that massive overwhelming heart-connection.

Movement patterns of a materialized spirit entity

Up to now the entities only said a very few things. Single words like 'Light'. But at another red light séance a few days ago for the first time a Materialization in front of all spoke clearly and meaningful. It told a present circle its name. Their own communicator had announced in Hanau, Germany, they would receive their name and so it was. Standing in the cabinet entrance it spoke to the circle-members and when the red light phase was over it even asked for more light to add something. The voice was peculiar and we had never heard it before from none of Kais communicators.
June 2017 a spirit entity spoke clearly and lengthy to us from its position in the cabinet entrance. That day because of the mediums exhaustion the spirit was very cloaked. The photo has nevertheless some interesting features. Because it shows through the black curtain its hidden shoulder and even its arm if you look closely.
The Medium was several times seen with the materialized spirit at the same time, like during a red light séance at the BPV, Basle, in March 2017. It was announced by the spirit team that the upbuilding of the spirit form would be shown in its specific stages. In one of the open curtain sections one could see the entity stand behind the medium, embracing it from behind. One could see its white garment, its hairs, its arms enwrapping mediums chest from behind. More over we experimented with Kai in front of the cabinet to show the difference between Kais size and the size of the most entities. My husband is a huge guy and it is unthinkable that he is impersonating the entities.
Kai was seen additionally together with other materializations like when 'Khan' materialized or 'Emely'.
Me and my husband Kai plus a bedsheet hung over him in a typical position in front of the cabinet - in a photo experiment before the séance. Also I am rightly positioned here as the camera is, always standing at the same place and distance. Please compare the above images, and size and proportion in the following image. 
This example strikingly shows the differences not only in size, but also in proportions and texture of the 'garment' that always looks a little bit different. The depicted entity had its head revealed and looked like a very slim woman.
Actually the entities are obviously smaller than Kai, besides the fact that both were seen together anyway during séance and I mostly hear him breathe in the back of the cabinet. The entities have asked for bigger cabinets, claiming that there isn't convenient space for spirit-materialization in the hung up cabinets we are using.

Everytime the blue light bursts from the figures chest area it stands somewhere else in the room. Sitter of Hanau séance 2016
'The 'blue' around the head was very shiny and in its midst I could see a glistening white light! Again and again amazingly beautiful blue lights flashed in the air. Sitter of Thun-Séance, July 2016 

Several times the entities were travelling the space of the séance room in a teleportation like manner. It flashes on the left side and for a break of a second a blue halo reveals a white clothed entity standing in front of the sitters sitting on the left. It flashes again and the entity stands in a totally different location like at the end of the circle. In that manner it moves around until all have seen it and then it is simply gone...!!!
A Basle Sitter once has drawn the moment. Of course it doesn' t show the 'teleportation' but only the entity bathed in blue light.
Teleporting Spirit
Another truly spectacular incident was the Materialization of an alleged indian prince from the 18th century, called 'Khan' by Hans, the spirit control. The Materialization was extremely huge, nearly 7 feet and had a blue shiny crystal at its forehead. Yes, I know, but that's what happened. Additionally it didn't stand, but somehow floated a good foot over the ground and illuminated massively the fully darkened séance room. The lights that were occurring during this séance were truely impressing and it is well described here and in this video:

So as you see these are exciting times and do you know what? This is all happening for us, for our enlightenment, for our understanding, to recover the magical within our world and of course eventually to help to survive. Herein lays the spirits core message.

I hope you found it interesting what I had to share! I am what that concerns in a special position to witness it all and that is the reason why I try from time to time to let you look through my eyes.
I say thank you for your interest...

Julia Muegge

Montag, 26. Juni 2017

THE PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF SPIRITUALITY - an holistical cleaning system for mind and body by Spiritual Nutrition Counselor Lillie Eberhard

Lillie Eberhard in Suisse TV

 If you look at it from a spiritual perspective, then its name says 'cosmos & ethics' - and that's what it is to me!' 
Lillie Eberhard 2017

Lately, I decided to follow another ones teachings! Indeed!
After years of resistance, now given up.
The Teachings of a true privy. And there are not so many, as you may know!
It's a wise Lady! And her teachings are about the nutritional aspects of spirituality.
Specifically the cleansing and eventually the then following healing aspects.
I have a fable for palpable spirituality!

But it's worse, I doubled my weight within the last 25 years and became more and more over-fat and stiff.
Now i have lost the first 5 kg in 4 weeks by following Mdm. Eberhards nutritional and cleansing procedures. They are coming from a 5 columns system, in which Eberhard combines ancient wisdom and modern knowledge about nutrition!

Psycho- or thought-hygienics, nutritional hygienics, linseed-oil, Spirulina Platensis and Colon-cleanings - the powerful system of Colon-Solutions
The first three kilograms I already had lost within 5 days of treatment, added to a nutrition-change I had started on day one. I was being cupped 5 hours everyday and treated with needle-cushions to activate the outer body structure. Galvano currents were sent through different regions of my body, plus specific massage treatments to resolve lymph congestions and restart the lymph nodes regular activity.
The central treatment maybe, is eventually done by oneself: regular colon flushings up to the large intestine with an ingenious device called Colon-Clean, although it is in reality an actual colon hydro for home application.
The grade of feeling cleansed afterwards is rightout elitist!
Together with the specified nutrition, three kilograms of the five were already gone within 5 days.
The Colon-Clean is not penetrating any body-parts, but with the help of the pressure from the tub and different postures to sit on the toilet the water can reach up to the large intestine. Oldest residues poisening our colon can hide over decades in the complex build of our most important organ are flushed out and very quickly everybody simply feels a lot better, even if you hadn't any symptoms before... IT CAN BE ORDERED ON THE WEBSITE

After my travels to Brazil January and February 2016 I experienced a massive loss of fitness. I had lost every lightheartedness in regards to walking, or overcome even small distances, what had become extremely exhausting - and that's why I this time agreed to my wifes Julias suggestion to undergo a treatment and to change my nutrition.

In the last years the most competent practitioners were offering days and weeks of treatment and I always declined.
Isn't it fascinating, how the mind works?
If it wasn't so sad and even dangerous in the end.
How self-confident the ego can be - over more than a decade, maybe two, i betrayed me in reassuring me  developing spiritually would suffice. Books and teachings, experiments and exercises, some of them extreme, I possessively consumed and secretely believed, my personal development actually had reached its peak - meanwhile preaching to everybody else development of personality never ends.

I had managed to achieve an extraordinary mediumistical gift and trusted my debts somehow would be paid because of my working for the spiritual benefit of people - meanwhile having turned completely away from any necessary control about my nutritional physiology.

Somehow this imballance outside my awareness had sneaked into my system and kept me sleeping, my eyes closely shut, not seeing the alarming signs, like my weight-gain for example.
Being is Psyche and Soma, the spiritual and the physiological, you heard me teaching - dwelling in a kind of personal blindness towards my own physiological, resp. nutritional needs, I only was interested in when there was a direct connex with my spiritual goals.

The psychological reasons for that imballance in my existence and for my adipositas have deep roots, but are fully understood today.
From my earliest memories in my life, full of visiting spirits and lucid excursions, I somewhen took a wrong turn. From the moment I could express, my focus started to exquisitely look on the inside, the psyche, the consciousness, the spiritual. Meanwhile I neglected my necessary bodily needs.
That way I became 48 years of age last year!

A first teacher then in my personal scholarship into mysticism became a Psychotherapist, a close friend of my parents, bringing me the subconscious mind and the basic understanding for the suggestive formular: hypnosis and its subforms.

My parents wanted to get me away at that time from my overwhelming occult activities, i was twelve, getting thirteen, and they were worrying about my spiritual sanity, as they were from much earlier on.

At that time I had gone through an initiation like time, that changed me grossly. Destined to watch in awe, together with school-friends, hostile spiritual powers entering their families physical realm. Nearly 4 months I was more or less daily house-guest and thus confronted - together with my best friends and school comrades, twin-brothers - with a massive and ruthless Poltergeist-attack. They and their parents were suffering severely at that time!
Until they finally fled the house. But still couldn't prevent the energies to destroy the whole family-structure and relationships eventually.
Within the following months from a public library I had ordered and read every available German Poltergeist research- and Physical Mediumship-literature, which were the groundwork for my first sitters group, when I was 15 at a boarding school.
When I came from there becoming 17 years of age I was looking for a Master telling me the things not written in the books and I chose W.G., a scholar of Steiner, a vitalist and a spiritualist of first garde, a book publisher and book store owner and a wise man in a wheelchair. In his bookshop i attended my very first trance mediumship sessions, meanwhile I already had held a Physical Mediumship Group over 2 years.

And then it all followed in quick succession, from the Books of the Dead, the Kabbalah and the secrets taught, existing in Numbers, Gurdijeff, Blavatsky, Levi, Crowley, Bardon, Spiesberger, the Goetias, Hofmann, Raetsch, Grof, Leary, Wilson, Schrenck, Richet, Grunewald, Driesch, Aksakov, Carrington, Lombroso, Puthoff, Schiebeler, Bender, Resch, Senkowski, Sheldrake and so many more became the solid groundwork to fully exist in the spiritual realms and become from the 1990ies fatter and fatter until I reached 145 kg finally.

Today in the 5th week i fully have regained my bodily powers, no more cramps in legs or back, I move quick and feeling weightless like I always did and I stay close to the system and hope to carry on to loose weight! 

In her book (German) the system is superbly described and can be ordered HERE

Sometimes a body is like a car stuck in mud or snow. You have to dig it out and make it go again!
Lillie Eberhard 2017

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The system is superb and its spiritual aspects are as well.
Lillie Eberhard is the best example for what she is offering.
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Montag, 12. Juni 2017

'IBIZA ADVANCED PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP DAYS 2017' - IMPRESSIONS / This time with participants from USA, UK, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany

Like traditionally every year 2017 held 10 days ready for a group of people to share time and mediumistic faculty. Beginning with the legendary Scole Group visiting the Hacienda de Bougainvillas in the late 90ies and then Physical Medium Stewart Alexander (now retired), entrepeneur and original Scole group temporary member and investigator Dr.Hans Schaer, who owns the premises carried on to invite yearly available Physical Mediums to let them share and perform together until today.
Together with the mediums were always those invited who were close to them naturally, experimenters, investigators, friends. Like in the past Robin and Sandra Foy or as absolute regulars until today, Basle PSI Association host, Lucius Werthmueller and his partner Sabin Suetterlin.
This years list of guests gathering around the mysteries of Physical Mediumship included U.K. Medium Warren Caylor and Ire Bill and Colleen Meadows (plus brother Chris), US based Medium Mychael Shane and his wife Pamela, highly gifted Switzerland Medium Bea Rubli, sensitive, medium and author Brigitte Balzerini, investigator Prof. Eckhart Kruse and his wife and therapist Heike, Basle PSI Association activist and organizer Therese Hartmann, Philantropist, Author and Investigator, President of the Basle PSI Association Lucius Werthmueller together with his partner, Sabin, who is additionally a professional translator besides her important varied involvement in the Associations work, Dr. Hans Schaer of course and Julia and me.
Financed the Ibiza days were like always by Dr. Schaers 'Riggenthal-Foundation' for the 'Investigation of Rare Forms of Mediumship'. 

All in all following seánces were being held, resp. given.
At the second day the participants already present opened the Mediumship days with a formless advanced table sitting, present mediums were Muegge, Meadows and Bea Rubli. 
In Switzerland Bea is widely known for her highly inspired mediumistic sessions. Her years long involvement with Physical Mediums eventually made her a developing Physical Medium at the moment herself. 
In that opening session, motivated by Julia and me, mainly our Felix Circle spirit team, but also Meadows', acknowledged their actual presence with their typical anomalies and phenomena. These were mainly well known transportations of objects located around the sitters space, rhythmical drumming of a drum standing lonely in one of the rooms corner, a guitar playing in another, tiny little pinpointed lights appeared from under the ceiling sailing down to the sitters, raps, touches, table movements and levitations and so forth. 
And inmidst these very FEG-typical activities suddenly Bills control 'Mary' started to speak and acknowledged Bills team presence also...!

Bill Meadows then held an own séance, then Warren came and held a séance, then we held a cabinet séance with overwhelming ectoplasmic presence and meaningful formation, then Warren held a second and a third one (table séances, after his cabinet séance), then Mychael came and did an apportation and a red light séance, then Bill gave another, resp. a last one, if I remember it rightly. 
These séances were all beautiful in themselves but there aren't any protocols existing, we could report from in detail. 
That is why we will give you with the upcoming photos some impressions from my personal memory over the days and telling the one or the other anecdote from the days.

The first photo (first photo above) shows the inner area of the hacienda, the pool and some of the doors that lead to beautiful rooms for different numbers of guests, all with own bathroom. The weather was without exception beautiful over the ten days we were there. To the right of that perspective invisible on the picture lays the so called pool room, in which in the last five years all séances were happening.

The Hacienda, that offers room for at least 16 guests lays deep within a green valley of pine trees and orange plantages. Its name is due to the rich growth of the plant or flower 'Bougainvillas' on the Finca that appears in different powerful red, blue and white color everywhere and this is the first photo taken showing this beauty.

The Author, Film-Maker, Pedagogue and Physical Medium Kai Muegge, tired after the earliest mornings flight.
Traditionally Kai and Julia do sleep in the most remote section of the Finca and have there the comfortable hut to the right! Photo shows the nightly illuminated finca. The main house lays to the left.

A nightly visitor.

And our hut in the morning...

The day US trance-physical medium Mychael Shane and his wife Pamela flew in, those already present made a welcome photo for them who would be with us for the first time.

The evening before was our Deep Trance Séance and the 150 birthday of Albert Freiherr of Schrenck-Notzing, this extraordinary pioneer of the scientific exploration of Materialization mediumship ('Phenomena of Materialization' 1913) in Germany, friend of Richet - and a leading part in the FEG spirit team of helper personalities in the spiritual realms. In the course of the evening his torso appeared on first sight two-dimensionally within layers of ectoplasmic substance on the chest of Kai and all present were invited to step forward and observe close-hand the strange lively features these images often have appearing within ectoplasmic mass...!
One of the first-time close observers were Prof. Eckhart Kruse and his wife Heike and both were describing the same strange ongoings, Author C. Dresbach already had described in a previous article: 'The image looked extremely lively, even though it had obviously characteristics of vintage photography, it suddenly was getting a life of its own!", Prof. Kruse remarked after the sitting. Moreover the presented images resemble strongly well known photographies of the depicted personalities and the spirit controls comment that they purposefully depict the personality in the ectoplasm in a way the audience is used to identify them, like for example by showing them like in well known photos - specifically concerning historical personalities. They would be hard to identify if we would have to identify them in never before seen poses or persepctives. Their strange lively appearance is probably due to the fact, that they are depicted on a lively ectoplasmic background!?

Besides a lot of mysterious spirit light apparitions, for example revealing in the dark a long armlike appearance with a filigrane hand coming from the ceiling and prolonging into the mediums lap, from the lights also huge objects emerged and fell onto or appeared suddenly on the floor. The many green tiny stones depicted on the image above came from the mediums eye-sockets and like always  philosophical contents were shared with the sitters.

Very early morning sky...

Photo-Art, my little hobby, with the plants of the vicinity (all images above)
Bill Meadows demonstration happened after a considerable pause in his carreer. But very quickly the trance personality 'Marie' overtook the routine and overwhelmed like always the audience with her unique child-like originality. In front of that background a face appeared above the plaque, instruments were being played, hands and touches appeared and happened and several objects were manipulated and personalities like Jonathan and Father James fought their fights (of words), representing the difficult experiences of the Medium in a catholic Orphanage as a child.                                                                        
Befriended Medium Warren Caylor refreshing in the pool
Shortly later Warren arrived and started with his séances more or less immediately. Ectoplasm was shown starting to emit a faint glow, personalities spoke from different locations, ectoplasm exited mediums body, objects were taken and flew through the room or appeared from nowhere. Like with Mychael, also with Warren inmidst of everydays actions suddenly objects appear, in the salad, in soft drink cans (yeah, of course red bull), rings, stones, sacred materialized objects...                                                       
More photo art with the finca premises, a silent retreat here to read a book or listen to music or simply to breath nature.
Then Mychael arrived late but like always fully present and with his very sympathetic wife Pamela definitely an enrichment. First evening he sat besides me and ate with huge appetite, when Prof. Kruse made a joke about apportation and held his both hands into the direction of Mychaels mouth and just wanted to retreat them again, when Mychael, still chewing on his meal, signalled him non-verbally: 'No, keep your hands there!', and so did Eckhart.
Pam said: 'He is apporting!' And out of his mouth suddenly a not too small artifact (photo) appeared. That was a 'Wow'-situation for all observers.
Spontaneously apported from mouth, inmidst of having and chewing on his dinner, through the mediumistic faculty of Mychael Shane.
In another apportation séance Mychael spouted like regularly hundreds of gemstones or semigemstones and different rings and gave them to the sitters with a message from the Ascended Masters. But Mychaels gifts go beyond his apportation abilities clearly demonstrated when he is doing billet reading. Quite impressing!

Apported gemstones by Mychael Shane in his first Ibiza séance

Investigator Dr. Hans Schaer validates the apported objects

Even though all séances were basically succesful actual synergies couldn't be worked out. But maybe that is too much wanted when you come together only once a year. Nevertheless the Ibiza days were again a unique event that will be happening in the upcoming years as well as far as we can say.
We say thank you to all those who organized, financed and did else to make the week a success! 
And to the reader: Thank you for your interest.

All participants of the Ibiza Days 2017. From left to right upper row: Chris, Colleen & Bill Meadows, Mychael Shane, Lucius Werthmueller, Warren Caylor, me in the shadows, Dr. Hans Schaer, Prof.Eckart Kruse. Lower row: Pamela Shane, Sabin Suetterlin, Therese Hartmann, Lisa, the dog, Bea Rubli, Heike Kruse, Brigitte Balzerini, Julia Muegge

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

FEBRUARY 2017 MEMORY PROTOCOL - an independent report by Investigator C.Dresbach

(The least have understood, that what Author C.Dresbach describes are the closest and most thorough looks onto modern séance room-, resp. ectoplasmic phenomena, ever recorded. 
They can in their thorough- and brightness easily be compared with rare historical quality descriptions of séance-room phenomena in a whole.
This is in in every case revived modern expression of séance-room tradition in Europe and so is Dresbach chronicling it. 
In so far, Dresbachs observations are unparalleled and due to his existing capacity of intellectually processing and describing them to the outstander, intriguing.
From the thorough German text we have shortened very small parts for the translation, because they have been described thoroughly before and are marked with (.)!)

Once more we were invited to join a deep trance séance with Kai M.. Present was a promising heterogeneous group built from new sitters and as well of experienced ones. The following is a memory protocol!

MAINLY FOR THE NEWBIES...there was a thorough introduction
Mainly for the newbies there was a thorough introduction being given by the medium itself to make what was to follow understandable in a historical and cultural context.
After we started to enter the séance room, i took my place directly besides the seat of the medium, for i was the independent controller to hold the medium during darkness at arms and legs. 
Opposite to me Julia M. was holding also the medium, so that it was secured by us two on its chair.
This is a known convenient form of control to securely rule out any bodily involvement of the medium with the phenomena mainly happening within the sitters circle.
There is an increased stage of that control, the 'supercontrol', when one of the controllers reaches over to the other to secure the opposite controller. Doing so the medium is blocked with the body and the controllers are secure as well!
The supercontrol was several times asked for by the communicator meanwhile phenomena were occurring at different places in the circle.
Again and again the independency of the phenomena from the medium were demonstrated that evening that way!
I executed last time four years ago at my first sittings the medium control and was looking forward to again take this important seat in the circle. 

Already during the specific breathing routine of the medium to entrance itself and during the first words of the trance control HANS, the first illuminating apparitions in form of flashes and foglike, shiny greenish areas, were visible for us.
Shortly after the introduction by the spirit (.) the different 'experiments' already began that night.

It like always began with the spirit interferences with the inmidst of the sitters circle held ready instruments. The rattles and shakes were put onto a turned around bucket and additionally a shamans drum plus stick besides. The rattles right away were shaken and later thrown into the room. The shamans drum in the following of that start was beaten in the rhythm of the music and our singing.

Meanwhile the instruments were audibly handled, I held the medium in the previously described manner. It sat indeed totally quiet on its chair and every movement of him I immediately had sensed. And regardless the spectacle of the instruments happened in front of all of us!

After this first episode nearly all sitters were starting to receive touches by spirit hands, whereby these touches were described as elusive and chilly, like from a real hand basically.

Even the mediums mother who sat solely behind me in second row always having her hands on my shoulders, was after a few attempts touched at her back (!) and head (Elke is ill and was located there wanting to be able to leave the seance room in the case of feeling too weak without much disturbance or without leaving an empty chair behind, but she stayed til the end).

That was uncommon in so far that she sat in second row and the spirit had remarked that the phenomena were only to happen within the circle dependent on the alleged energy field covering the free space of the circle.
I wasn't receiving any touches, because the controllers were wanted to focus solely onto the mediums control (and security) and not to become distracted!  

Secondly shiny balls on a plate, then put onto the bucket opposite in the circle, were wanted to be moved. Nearly immediately they started to roll around there and were thrown from it in the end!
A female sitter claimed she was parallely permanently being touched at her leg!

When no more balls were rolling we all were wanted to step in front of the cabinet. Therefore the red light was lit to orient and position in front of the medium. Immediately small crystals were starting to fall from all heads orifices. Alone three relatively big ones were coming from under the right lower eyelid. According to this first a big bulge under the eye became visible and shortly after the stones appeared from the eyes! But not enough with this, the medium stood up from his chair, visible and in red light, moved to a sitter and materialised a big, white so called Activation Stone from his bare hands into the hand of this lady. This was accompanied with a glaring light coming with the object from the mediums hands...!

Some of the evenings materialized stones...
Immediately afterwards the 'flying handkerchief'-experiment was focused onto! Like in previous instances sitters were asked to hold the shiny (illuminated pieces of tape all over it!) hanky into the sitters circle, where it then was grasped for by the spirits and transported through the room. 
After a starting the experiment was successful and the hanky was seen taken from the one sitters hands all over to another sitter. It looked as if freely floating over to the other side in the dark...! 

Surprisingly after the transport a materialization of a hand was shown to the sitters.
The medium returned from the cabinet sitting openly in it. Suddenly a blueish flash of light was visible and illuminated the medium sitting in its chair. This strange blueish light should stay the only light illuminating the following. Again and again it flashed and with every flash something more of an ectoplasmic apparition became visible. It started with a white, clothlike heap of 'ectoplasm' on the head of the medium. This heap unfolded now with every new flash of light a little bit more showing first single fingers, then a whole hand and finally a whole arm with the complete appendages and extremeties of a hand was visible. 
(.)Such an extraordinary observation we could make already a year earlier. The blueish flashes came in faster and faster sequence, in a way you could observe the genesis of the apparition in its different stages very well! In the end the ectoplasmic build reached from the head of the medium down to his lap.

In the first sequences of the blueish flashes of light fingers started to appear...

The hand then 'grew' down more and more...
In the end the ectoplasmic apparition reached down into the lap area...
The next experiment was already announced beforehand and was now to be executed: the freely flying trumpet!
Therefore the medium held the trumpet first into the room and wagged with it, as if it wanted to lure the spirits from the darkness to come and grasp for it. We were just starting to sing. But they didn't and the spirit announced the trumpet to be thrown simply into the circle. We saw the illuminated trumpet thrown actually through the whole room onto the floor opposite from the medium and the farthest from him. 
The medium overgave itself into the holding control. 
In the following we were several times counting down, waiting, but the trumpet didn't move.
Then the trumpet was taken from the floor and started 'to fly' with great speed through the room. 
Thereby it drew circles above our heads, stopped and floated in front of some sitters and tapped on forehead and shoulders of others. The phenomenon kept on going that way for a few minutes with steady power output. Meanwhile not a sound or a rustle was being heard when the music was turned quiet, what absolutely must have been the case if any human agency would have transported the trumpet through the room that way. 
I myself controlled the medium when that all occurred, first with the normal holding control, later with the super-control as well, holding Julia at the same time!
The medium sat quietly, motionlessly on his chair, he didn't move at all!

 After this final experiment the 'red light' section of the evening started, in which commonly ectoplasm in different forms and expressions is being exhibited.
 Already days before the séance I had expressed the wish (not to the medium) to be myself privileged to see faces generate in the mass with own eyes. It is a well known spiritistic phenomenon depicted on many historical photographs of gone séances of the past.
Oftentimes deceased relatives it is told are showing themselves then to the present guests of the evening. Such appearances specifically in the survivalistical english form of spiritualism are seen as proof of survival. That evening my wishes should become fulfilled!

Before it started first the ectoplasm had to be brought forward. A process, 
striking in itself and intriguing to witness. For the following, every time the red light was switched on, so that we could observe the whole procedure:Under loud moaning and sounding the medium drew a gaze or veil-like cloth out of his mouth. Mutltiple armlengthes long the mass grew higher and higher towards a huge heap in front of the mediums feet.
The mass was laying, fully seperated from the medium in the end on the floor, but it wasn't anymore looking clothlike, but more like foggy! The mass was looking totally weightless and started to move and pulsate. When the lights were switched off inbetween again blueish flashlike illuminations appeared around the medium. Several times the blueish flash appeared above the mass, so that it became visible in the dark for a break of a second.
When after a few seconds it stayed dark after the blueish flashes the red light was switched on again.
In the mass on the floor now something was moving. Inside of the foglike Material something moved and it looked as if a small head was building up, that slightly swayed from left to right...!

Now Hans announced three personalities inside the ectoplasm. And after another short darkness the mass now was like erecting from the floor to the mediums chest, where it broadly layed and reached from the hips up to the shoulders.

Moreover the look again had changed at this stage. Now it looked like drawn spiderwebs. At some locations it was thick and bulging, dense, meanwhile at other locations it was half transparent, gauze-like, thready, fibrous and sticky. On the chest in the meantime three large grey dark spots had become visible.  

From my position i could not see any of the three faces, even though I sat directly besides the ectoplasm. It more looked like as if a greyish matter deliquesced into a kind of Rorschach like pattern inside the ectoplasm. Hans, the spirit-speaker, now asked everybody around to one by one step forward and confront with the faces. Thereby he talked about the faces already to melt away...!

artistical recreation of the three faces 
I was the last in line and to be enabled to catch a glimpse onto these mysterious faces. But because from my position i couldn't at all discern a face and because of the faces' dissolve also was announced already by Hans I was starting to make my peace not seeing nothing of any faces.

When i finally stepped in front of the mediums chest and started to fixate the right dark spot within the ectoplasm from close proximity, I became aware of the face of an infant. It first looked like an old photography in the style of the twenties in 19 hundreds. The face stared directly at me and suddenly it seemed as if it was moving and starting to strangely become fulfilled with life. The image was so real detailed, that i could even see single hairs from its haircut fall into its face and the pattern of her iris in the eyes of that child. It was carefully smiling around its lips and was directly going into a mutual intercommunication of glimpses with me.

This amazing face was like perfectly painted or even modernly printed onto underlying cloth and framed by thicker gauze or worked into the gauzelike material. It looked at times like an oval piece of cloth and its material was so fine also in appearance to the rest of the ectoplasmic material, that even looked rightout rough in parts. The outer border of the 6 cm image was bulging. 

Altogether i could look at it between 5 and 10 seconds.

Just when I wanted to turn to the upper face I was called back to my seat and the lights went off. I could not even look once at the upper male face apparition, but I learned from later descriptions, that was unlikely my encounter a bearded man, visible to its shoulders, wearing glasses. About the female apparition I cannot say anything.

After this episode the séance was as good as closed. The ectoplasm was already after seconds and after turning the lights off and on simply totally disappeared. 

Hans talked with weaker and weaker voice the medium would suffer heavy migrane and that the séance now soon had to be finished.
After a warm goodbye the medium exited its trance and the sitting was ended. 

All left the cellar to gather upstairs with the others to discuss the together experienced...

C.D., 2017, February